Pure Water Elemental Dragon Ring - Dragon Treasures
Pure Water Elemental Dragon Ring - Dragon Treasures
Pure Water Elemental Dragon Ring - Dragon Treasures

Pure Water Elemental Dragon Ring

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It was initially believed that only FIRE, ICE, and ACID Dragon Elementals existed.  However, legends suggest there was powerful water dragon that evolved into a PURE ELEMENTAL WATER DRAGON.  He was known as Leviathan. 

Ancient legends suggest that only those of the ROYAL DRAGON BLOODLINE  were capable of wearing these rings. It is said that some ELEMENTAL DRAGONS had the ability to 'evolve' into various forms until reaching their ultimate forms, known as PURE ELEMENTAL FORMS. Little did we know that their evolution would not stop there. Some Pure Elemental Dragons became so powerful that they evolved even further, into CELESTIAL DRAGONS!  However, some dragons were so powerful and so pure in their elements that they became gods and had their own names.  The only PURE WATER ELEMENTAL DRAGON we know of was known as Leviathan.  This dragon possessed the power to control the seas.   If a Dragon Rider (of Royal Blood) managed to attune to a CELESTIAL DRAGON, then this ring would be created to signify the pact that was created.  This ring is evidence of pacts created with LEVIATHAN. Very little is known about these pacts, except that those who managed such pacts could control the very fabric of time and space and had complete dominance of their respective elements.


  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Surface Width: 8mm 
  • Inlaid Green Opal + Acacia Tungsten Carbide

Why Tungsten Carbide?

  • Does not tarnish and oxidize.
  • It is very strong and scratch resistant.
  • It is hypoallergenic- Great for those who are prone to allergies from other metals.
  • Great as wedding bands.


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